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Maria Bueno and Cristina Artés create an emotional bond through the elaboration of this tablecloth, an artistic project that has taken shape by commiting themselves to the social framework of the city of Huete.

Through a public appeal, the artists gathered a group of women of all ages who have been involved in the donation of materials and embroidery of remnants.

The piece intertwines memories and dolls that are the connecting thread of each other's lives, with their different perspectives and experiences. Emotional ties are seams that join each patch, creating a tablecloth community that encompasses all.

Artists: Maria Bueno, Cristina Artes, Rebeca Martinez, Natalia and Alicia Torrijos, Mercedes Martinez, Rosario Ruiz, Isabel Valero, Mari Torrijos, Maria Micaela Gómez, Dolores Fresneda, Maria Teresa Gómez, Mercedes Loro.

Donors: Huete  Senior Centre, Paz Arana, Fabiola Saavedra, Gabriela Mora.

Sponsors: Diputación de Cuenca

In collaboration with: Council of Huete

Supervision: Consuelo Chacon and Paula Cabaleiro

Other winning projects: "Opticae Thesaurus" by Susana Vinolo , "Lo innombrable" by Theo Firmo and "Contacto" by Paula Fraile.

Guest artists: Sergio Pradana, Monica Mura and Maite Fesser.