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Winning project in Espacio Convergente 2019 art residency and grant. Plena Inclusion, Repsol Foundation. Developed at Centro Down Madrid 3 Olivos.

The title of this project comes from the recurring imaginary of Iberian sculpture, primitive art of the spanish Peninsula. Lions and deer, therefore refers to the themes or characters that the participants choose for their pieces. The amulets resulting from this experience show their icons, their "lions and deer" of each ones personal culture. This creates a space in which the members have the opportunity to show what is valuable to them, what makes them feel safe and translate these emotions into pieces that represent it (or with which they identify). During the workshop, moments of reflection have been reinforced to generate a space in which personal languages ​​are developed, where the quality of the work results from the intimate relationship between the creator and his/her creation.


The members of the project have also learnt about the artist's role, receiving the visit of Theo Firmo, visiting Taller Mediodia studio, learning about how to develop a work process and about the proper storage of their pieces. They have also been responsible for the preparation of the exhibition in Canis Majoris.

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Artists:  Raquel Abellanas, Jose Martinez, Covadonga Giraldo, Sergio Centeno, Natalia Naglic, Karla Arteaga, Victor Aviles, Eduardo Chacon, Víctor Sanchez, Rocio Garcia, Azucena Lafuente,  María Estrella Perez.

Donors of materiales: Vega Groel, Magdalena, Laura y other neighbours from Saconia's neighbourhood. “Dehesa de la Villa” Senior Centre and “Julio Cortazar” Cultural Centre.

Sponsor: Plena Inclusion, Repsol Foundation

Supervision: Ana Lozano

Support from 3 Olivos Centre (Down Madrid Foundation): Julia Frutos and Jose Manuel Araque

Guest artist: Theo Firmo

Photography: Amaia Gomez


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THE WORKSHOP (Click on pictures to read descriptions)